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MySQL's High Availability Works for Red One Aviation

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Red One Aviation is a St. Louis, Missouri, based company, providing flight information and aviation related data, to airports, pilots, corporate flight departments and other aviation companies. Red One must manage both real-time and historical data, pertaining to almost every flight in North America. This can mean processing approximately 70,000 flights in a 24-hour period, which at peak times relates to more than one take-off and landing every second!
All this information must be available online and accessible via user queries, both internally and via the Red One Web site. To achieve this, Red One required an extremely robust database, which could handle 24 X 7 continuous high volume updates, with little or no downtime. Due to the limited resources of the company, it also needed to be fairly straightforward in terms of installation, upgrading, and ongoing support and maintenance. Seamless integration with the Web server was also essential. It was also a requirement for the complete system to be operated in a “lights out” environment, with remote support only.

"We started evaluating Oracle and Microsoft products, but after comparing speeds, cost, and support, it soon became evident that MySQL was the logical path to take," said Roger Holden, President and CEO of Red One Aviation.

The Red One system architecture consists of Compaq Proliant DL380 rack servers, running MySQL 3.23 and SuSE Linux, together with Apache 1.3 and the Apache Tomcat Java application server. The programs and queries are all written in Java and Perl. The database is stored on RAID 5 SCSI drives, and is backed up daily. The system also interfaces to a Web-based GIS system, which displays real-time data on various maps.


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